You deserve the very best! We invite you to treat yourself to a superior waxing experience.


Here at Beavers ‘n Bears Wax Bar in Parksville, B.C., we are the masters of our craft because waxing is what we focus on. Whether you’ve had good experiences, bad experiences, or no experience at all, we promise that once you wax with us, you’ll never look back!


Discard all those horror stories you’ve heard from your friends who have been waxed at ‘other places’. We won’t be peeling you off the roof and you will not be put into compromising positions that make you feel like a skilled contortionist.


Your comfort and privacy are of the utmost importance to us – we’ve got you covered from head to tail (literally). So whether it’s a simple brow wax or a full Brazilian, we are here to help you look and feel your absolute best!

Beavers ‘n Bears specializes in Brazilian Waxing using our proprietary technique which was developed and perfected by the owner over the course of 10 years! Let’s just say – its goooood!


Here, you will never be rushed through a 20-minute service. To us, it’s not about being the ‘fast food drive thru’ version of body waxing (although if you need a speedy appointment, we are very capable of providing that for you – just ask). Here at Beavers ‘n Bears, we give you the time you deserve – which helps to make your service ‘bear’able!

*Please note: we don’t perform any specialty waxing services on male genitalia

We have a firm 24 hour cancellation policy

Service List

$ 66
All hair removed from the top (option to leave a small landing strip or triangle), full labia hair removed, and includes the optional 'beaver tail' (between the buttocks).
Partial Brazilian
$ 51
Your choice of: Strong bikini (Further in than the 1” normal bikini line, but not waxing all the way in on the labia) includes the 'beaver tail' (between the buttocks) OR Full labia area waxed but leaving most of the top (large triangle) 'beaver tail' (between the buttocks) not included
$ 39
Up to 1” in from the groin line (bikini line), top 1" of bikini line is included but is optional, 'beaver tail' (between the cheeks) is not included. Check out our Partial Brazilian if you're 'Brave Enough'.
$ 23
Full Leg
$ 59
Upper Leg
$ 34
Lower Leg
$ 33
Full Arm
$ 35
Lower Arm
$ 25
$ 18
$ 50
Partial Back
$ 25
Shoulder Caps
$ 15
$ 50
Full Face
$ 41
$ 18
Upper Lip
$ 14
$ 13
$ 13
$ 16
Back Trimming
Looking to take the 'bear back' a little shorter without being a 'bare back'? We will trim it for you so it is nice and tidy!

We specialize in waxing at Beavers ‘n Bears Wax Bar, but we also offer some other “dam” good esthetic services too! These services include Eyelash Extensions, Brow and Lash Tinting, and spa-quality Pedicures, all performed by our professional and certified estheticians.