Lashes & Pedicures

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At Beavers ‘n Bears, we are more than ‘just’ a Wax Bar!


We offer a range of lash, brow, and nail services at Beavers ‘n Bears, expertly performed by our certified estheticians.

Our services include Brow & Lash Tinting, Eyelash Extensions, and relaxing Spa Pedicures.



Lash & Brow Tinting

Brow Tint
$ 13
Lash Tint
$ 25

Lash Lift & Tint

Lash Lift & Tint
$ 75


Have you been paying top dollar for a short 45-minute pedicure? Tired of being subjected to several conversations around you when you’re simply trying to relax? You deserve better! Welcome to Parksville’s Beavers ‘n Bears, where every pedicure is a ‘bear’ minimum of a full 1-hour service. Your pedicure is performed on a warm treatment bed, in a relaxing private room. Can it get much better than this?!


Who are you trusting your health to? Esthetics is an unregulated profession in Canada. Who knew?! We encourage you to never assume and never simply take someone’s word for it that you are receiving a hygienic service from a properly certified staff. Ick! Who wants to bring home a toenail fungus? Or worse yet…Hepatitis C or HIV. Ask to see your service providers certificates.


While some places may provide unassuming guests with staff that were trained on the job, here at Beavers ‘n Bears in Parksville, that is not our standard! Each employee is fully certified by a properly accredited institution. This means that our staff understand the science behind the services they are performing and the proper hygiene protocols to go along with that.


We will never aim to be the cheap mani-pedi nail shop and we will NEVER compromise your health. We bring you several years of experience on top of multiple certifications including an 1100-hour Advanced Certificate of Esthetics.


Welcome to a better pedicure experience!

$ 67
Pedicure with Paraffin
$ 74
Gel Polish Removal
$ 30

Are you looking for details on our waxing services? Click here to visit our page dedicated to our waxing experiences.

Eyelash Extensions

*** Please note: Our books are currently closed for Eyelash Extensions.

Why choose Beavers ‘n Bears for your lashes?


After 10 years in the industry as a certified esthetician, adding on a weekend workshop to gain another certificate would have been the easy way to go; however, that level of training simply didn’t meet our standards of excellence. Instead, we studied the ‘art’ of eyelash extensions through an advanced ‘Master Lash Certificate’ program for a full 6 months! It took patience and tenacity, but it was worth it!


We encourage you to thoroughly research your lash technician before receiving eyelash extensions. Is the technician a certified esthetician with an additional certification in eyelash extensions or are they simply the girl or guy next door that chose to attend a weekend workshop?


Our style of lashing is one that enhances your appearance without making you look like you are wearing strip lashes or that you belong on a runway. We believe that eyelash extensions should be done so well that people will wonder if you were just that blessed!


A fan of super lightweight lashes (0.3-0.5) are handcrafted and applied to each individual lash for a soft fluffy look

Volume Eyelash Extensions Full Set
$ 135
Volume Eyelash Extensions Fill 2 hr
$ 95
Volume Eyelash Extensions Fill 1.5 hr
$ 85
Volume Eyelash Extensions Fill 1 hr
$ 75


A combination of Volume Eyelash Extensions and Classic Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Full Set
$ 120
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Fill 2 hr
$ 95
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Fill 1.5 hr
$ 80
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Fill 1 hr
$ 70


One lash (1.2-1.5) is applied to each individual lash

Classic Eyelash Extensions Full Set
$ 100
Classic Eyelash Extensions Fill 2 hr
$ 85
Classic Eyelash Extensions Fill 1.5 hr
$ 75
Classic Eyelash Extensions Fill 1 hr
$ 65